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At the Door to a New World 1

  A threshold experience is when we’re “at the door to a new world.” To enter in is to encounter excitement, terror, magic, whimsy, wisdom, revelation, triumph, survival, comfort, anxiety, terror, bonding, wonder, enchantment. (Maria Tatar) We actively seek these threshold experiences when we enter a church, concert hall or theater; open a book; or […]

Physical Balance — It’s Not What You Think

I’m jumping on one foot – my left. Jump, jump jump. Then my right. Jump, jump. Right arm flails for the wall to avoid a face plant. “Ahhh, they’re different,” laughs my Yoga teacher, Carrie Gaynor at Absolute Yoga. Carrie begins each class with fascial fitness warm-ups designed to address the outer, fascial envelopes of […]